Thrown out of the family home by his wife Brenda, Rob Andrew was doing his best to maintain a close relationship with his children. Brenda had agreed he could have them for the Thanksgiving weekend, but she actually had deadly plans for him…

It was a week after Rob Andrew filed a complaint to the police claiming that his wife Brenda and her lover James Pavatt were conspiring to kill him for the insurance money because they still believed that Brenda was the beneficiary. The police apparently took no action.

In the early evening of November 20th Rob disregarded police advice and was alone when he drove to the house he had shared with Brenda for a decade.

He left a friend a message saying he was on his way to collect the kids for Thanksgiving, and on arriving he waited for them in the driveway and called the friend again. The call was answered – but interrupted.

“I heard what I believe was the garage door coming up,” the friend said later. “Rob said, ‘I’m going to have to let you go. They’re coming out.’ And that was the last I heard from him.”

Rob had then stepped out of the car and gone into the garage. Moments later someone blasted him with a shotgun that sent 16-gauge pellets ripping into his body. Brenda, with a slight flesh wound, went back into the house and called the police.

“We interviewed Brenda Andrew and looked at her with suspicion,” said Roland Garrett, one of the lead detectives on the case. “But we did not have enough probable cause to place her under arrest straight away.”

“To me, it was blatant,” said Rob’s friend. “It was obvious that she and her boyfriend were the people who took Rob’s life, and nobody was doing anything about it…”