True Detective May 2023

True Detective May 2023


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She was just 19 years old when she disappeared in May 1996 – and to this day her remains are yet to be found. Yet in October 2022, 26 years since she was last seen alive, and 20 since she’d been declared legally dead, there was justice at last for the family of murdered American student Kristin Smart, with the conviction of her killer Paul Flores. Flores, a fellow-freshman student at the California Polytechnic State University, had evaded justice despite being seen by many as the prime suspect in Kristin’s disappearance and probable murder.

The cold case had received new impetus and publicity in 2019 with the success of the true crime podcast “Your Own Backyard”. Read “How Crime Podcast Helped Nail Kristin’s Killer” in this issue for the full story. And, as we highlight in a special report, Kristin Smart’s murder is far from the only case to benefit from the crime podcast phenomenon.

Another case in which the wheels of justice turned slowly is featured in this month’s “Crimes That Made The Headlines – DNA Solved 10-Year Hunt For Geraldine’s Killer”. Cardiff was shocked by the brutal slaying of popular Geraldine Palk days before Christmas in 1990. Improved DNA testing technology would prove her killer’s downfall.

Finally, 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel was hoping for a spring break to remember. Tragically, she fell into the clutches of dangerous Raymond Moody. See “America’s Most Evil – ‘I’m A Monster, I Deserve What I Get’ for the full story.

Highlights this issue include:

* How Crime Podcast Helped Nail Kristin’s Killer
* Crimes That Made The Headlines: DNA Solved 10-Year Hunt For Geraldine’s Savage Murderer
* America’s Most Evil: “I’m A Monster, I Deserve What I Get”
* Cruel Crime That Put Brenda On Oklahoma’s Death Row
* Death In The Line Of Duty: Part 5
* Tragic Case Of The Baby Who Vanished
* Hanged In Australia: Killer Went To The Gallows – For Arson
* Questions & Answers: London’s Cleft Chin Murder
* Nottingham’s Crossbow Killer
* Execution USA


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