True Detective January 2017

True Detective January 2017


We’ve published lists of hangings before, but never on this scale…


We’ve published lists of hangings before, but never on this scale. Starting this month, is Part One of 96 Years of Executions In Britain And Ireland, a new series which, over the course of 2017, will add up to an essential reference work on historic crime and punishment. Beginning at the point when executions went private with the hanging of Thomas Wells in 1868, the series takes us through to the simultaneous hangings on August 13th, 1964. During those 96 years, some 1,563 persons were legally put to death on these islands. For most executions, we’ll list the condemned, the date and place of execution, the victim(s) and the hangman. The most interesting cases are highlighted in case studies.

We go down under for another new series starting this month, Hanged In Australia. Beginning with a compelling account of the case of Jean Lee – the last woman to be hanged in Australia – the series makes for essential reading. Sixty-six years after her execution, the rights and wrongs of Jean Lee’s fate remain cause for much debate. We’d be delighted to hear your views on this still-controversial case.

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!


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