Murder Most Foul No. 97

Murder Most Foul No. 97


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There’s an international flavour to the latest issue of Murder Most Foul…

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There’s an international flavour to the latest issue of Murder Most Foul. Within this 97th edition you’ll find a generous selection of hugely memorable British murder stories – and some astonishing encounters with cold-blooded killers from the US, Canada, France, Mexico and Australia. And much more besides!

Canadian Evelyn Dick kept human bones in her attic next to her baby’s cement-cased corpse – yet she still managed to baffle detectives. Find out how in Death Sentence For Evelyn The Family Killer.

We head across the Channel for a meeting with France’s Notorious Bluebeard. Bearded Henri Désiré Landru has gone down in the annals of criminal history but what was the true story of the infamous serial killer? Don’t miss his unforgettable killing saga…

“At first the officers could see only two bodies in the bath. One was that of Neelma, a 24-year-old Indian beauty. The other was her 12-year-old sister Sidhi. It was only after moving a pillow that the officers saw the body of their brother, 18-year-old Kunal Singh, submerged in the water beneath his sisters.” A horrific tale from Down Under in 35 Years For “Queensland’s Worst Killer.”

Beautiful Ana Lepe was crowned Miss Mexico and became queen of Mexico’s soap operas, too. But her life was marred by a murder with a bizarre twist. See Soap Star’s Tragic Murder Secret.

* The In-Laws From Hell
* Opinion More of your views
* Cardiff’s Bride-In-The-Bath Horror
* Death Sentence For Evelyn The Family Killer
* Deadly Day Out With Uncle Alan
* France’s Notorious Bluebeard
* Poison Ivy: Hollywood’s Record Label Shooting
* 35 Years For “Queensland’s Worst Killer”
* From Salford: Two Horrific Killings, But Who Was To Blame?
* Three Skeletons, Two Steel Drums…And A Torture Chamber
* Great Yarmouth Tragedy Of Dora May Gray
* Who Killed TV’s Colonel Hogan?
* Hunting Dog Row Led To Murder
* Three Husbands Died – But How Many Did Tillie Kill?
* Soap Star’s Tragic Murder Secret

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