True Detective September 2015


True Detective is renowned for its coverage of the most intriguing true crime stories


True Detective is renowned for its coverage of the most intriguing true crime stories – and this month is no different, with a crop of the most compulsively readable cases from the British Isles and the US.

Beginning in the mid-60s with the sex murder slaying of a nurse in Walsall by another killer, A Tale Of Three Killers centres on the bizarre life and heinous crimes of the double-killer formerly known as Douglas Wakefield (right), now going under the moniker Tai Pilley following a sex change operation. It’s a saga of murder like no other, illustrating the point that truth really can be so much stranger than fiction.

From the bizarre to the revolting – and the case of Oregon pig farmer Susan Monica. The 66-year-old was regarded by her rural neighbours as being a bit odd, living in squalid conditions, but nobody could say that she neglected her animals. Then it came to light that two of her workers hadn’t been seen for a while. The truth, it seemed, was that she valued the pigs far more than the humans.

Southport’s Mystery Of The Murdered Landlady, this month’s Questions & Answers feature, focuses on an officially unsolved case from the north-west seaside resort’s past, requested by a reader. More than 100 years have passed by since widowed landlady Dorothy Allen was found dead in a pool of blood but the story retains the power to shock. Don’t miss it!
Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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