‘M’ For Murder

‘M’ For Murder


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‘M’ For Murder, A Question Of Doubt, Stalker Of The Innocent

M For Murder –

Mass Murderers: The Austin Sniper, Charles Whitman, began a shooting spree from the Texas University Tower that lasted for 96 minutes and killed seventeen people. Wayne Henley and Kean Coril were members of a Texas homosexual torture and murder ring which captured and mutilated twenty seven young men. Michael Ryan was a gun crazed loner who embarked on a shooting spree in Hungerford killing sixteen people including his mother.

Murder In Cold Blood: Juan Corona was charged with the murder of twenty five men, mainly farm labourers whom were homosexually abused and dumped. Denis Nilsen became known as the lonely homosexual killer who was caught when his drains become blocked with human remains. Wayne Williams was jailed for two murders but was thought to be the Atlanta serial killer of twenty one black children.

Murdering Conmen: Donald Merrett was a conman who loved money and was prepared to kill his wife and mother to fund his desires. Roy Fontaine erased all traces of his Scottish accent and became a butler to the aristocracy as a disguise for his murders and stealing of antiques. Raymond Fernandez became an expert at conning his way into women’s hearts robbing them of their money. He became known as the ‘Lonely Hearts Killer’.

A Question of Doubt –

Evading Justice: The Green River Killer murdered nearly 50 young women concealing their naked bodies and continuing undetected. The Zodiac Killer stalked Northern California but the crimes remain unsolved. Seventy years after Jack The Ripper roamed London’s streets, anther serial killer embarked on a killing spree. His nickname was Jack The Stripper.

A Question Of Doubt: Jimmy Hoffa was the leader of America’s Teamster’s Union alleged to be working with the Mafia. His body has never been recovered. Dr Sam Sheppard was the true life inspiration for The Fugitive’ film. Sheppard awoke to find his wife battered to death. Sheppard spent ten years in prison. What was the truth? A young woman had been found shot dead in a quiet countryside lane in Leicestershire and the suspect was seen riding a green bicycle.

Evidence Of Murder: Stanley Setty was murdered, dismembered, wrapped in brown paper and then dumped over the English Channel. Was Donald Hume really the killer? Lovers, Michael Gregsten and Valerie Storie, were forced by James Hanratty to drive around before he panicked and shot them in a lay-by. Detectives in New Jersey were called to the house of John List, inside sounded haunting organ music and decomposing bodies.

Stalkers Of The Innocent – 

Terrorising The Cities: The Boston Strangler created a climate of fear for every woman during the early 1960s. Albert De Salvo was a known sexual predator but was he the Boston Strangler? Richard Ramirez was named the ‘Night Stalker’ due to entering people’s houses at night and randomly killing any man, woman or child that stood in his way. The ‘Trash Bag Killer’ left the dismembered remains of his victims neatly tied up along the edge of the Californian freeway.

Streets Of Fear: The manhunt for the Yorkshire Ripper was the largest ever mounted in British police history. Peter Sutcliffe murdered thirteen women over six years before finally being arrested in 1981. Arthur Shawcross killed eleven women in his reign as the ‘Genesee River’ serial killer. But why was he released after the murder of two small children to kill again? Joel Rifkin was New York’s most prolific serial killer who murdered women and dismembered them in the house he shared with his old mother.

Spree Killings: Bonnie and Clyde were murderous gangsters who would kill anybody that crossed them. They would eventually pay for their crimes in a hail of bullets. Charles Starkweather adn Caril Fugate were the inspiration for the film Natural Born Killers after their killing spree left ten people dead in one week. Paul Knowles was dubbed the ‘Casanova Killer’ as he murdered at least eighteen people before being shot as he tried to escape.


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