Inside the home of James D. Worley in Delta, south-west of Toledo, police found handguns, a shock collar, handcuffs, ropes and tape. But their next find was much more worrying.

In a historic Dutch barn close to the house, known as the north barn, they found a secret room which was described as “like something from a Stephen King novel.” Equipped with restraints to prevent escape or movement, it was nothing short of a torture chamber.

When Worley, 57, was brought to a Fulton County Court trial in March 2018, prosecutor Scott A. Haselman began dramatically by pointing at him. “That man sitting right there kidnapped, murdered, and buried Sierah Joughin,” he said.

Haselman said Sierah’s DNA had been found on rope, duct tape and paper towels inside Worley’s barn. Worley’s DNA was found on Sierah’s bike. And it was Sierah’s blood on Worley’s helmet, suggesting he had hit her with it.

He described Sierah’s condition when she was found. “She was found wearing white tube socks, like the ones that are found in the crate in the north barn. She’s wearing an adult diaper that matches the ones that were found in a crate in the north barn.”

Toledo Police Detective David Morfor said that a few weeks before the abduction Worley had searched for “hogtyed+teen” on pornographic websites, using the name Jim. Other search words included “rape,” “helpless,” “hitchhiker” and “gag.” Zip ties, a ski mask and pepper spray were found in Worley’s truck…