Murder Most Foul No.110

Murder Most Foul No.110


Published October 25th, 2018


British journalist Sandy Fawkes was eager for adventure when she landed in the US on a month-long assignment in November 1974. And she certainly got it. A feature writer for the Daily Express in London, her first foray into an Atlanta hotel bar brought her into contact with a tall, handsome stranger who introduced himself as Lester Daryl Golden. The forty-something writer and the enigmatic twenty-something hit off and spent the next few days – and nights – together. Alarm bells started to ring in Sandy’s head, though, and the liaison went no further. Which is just as well because, unknown to Sandy, by the time she had met the mysterious Mr. Golden, he had already killed up to 20 people in just four months – and more victims were to follow. Golden was, in fact, Paul John Knowles, a lifelong criminal on a murder spree across the US.

Out of work stripper Betty Jones was also looking for adventure when she met Swedish-born American GI deserter Karl Hulten in wartime London. He claimed he was a Chicago gangster – but any excitement in their short liaison faded when the pair were charged with the cold-blooded murder of a driver.

  • Handcuffed And Hogtied…Victim In The Monster’s Torture Chamber
  • Sandy’s Affair With A Serial Killer
  • Black Widow Used Anti-Freeze As Murder Weapon
  • Couples Who Kill: Betty Wanted To Be A Gun Moll
  • In The Wake Of Hurricane Katrina…He Cut Her Up And Cooked Her
  • Unsolved: The Poison Mystery To End Them All
  • The Werewolf Killer Of Little Poland
  • Sheet Of Paper Sent Southampton Killer To The Gallows
  • End Of The Road For Sydney Triple-Killer
  • Who Walled Up The Doctor?
  • 50 Years On…Wendy’s Killer Unmasked
  • Murder At The Tiger Bay Tobacconist’s
  • Opinion : More Of Your Views
  • Wife Nailed Up In The Box Room