True Detective Summer Special 2011


Queen’s pilot was a cross-dressing torture killer…

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What’s so special about the True Detective Summer Special? Just this: these are the cream of the true crime stories – 20 of them. Our aim: to make this the most astonishing collection ever of must-read stories for your holiday reading. What’s more, packed into this bumper 84-page issue you’ll also find a free-entry DVD competition, crossword and quiz. So sit back, be thrilled, be shocked…and let us know what you think via Your Letters…

* Why Noura Murdered Her Mum
* Did Chrissie Strangle Herself?
* Murder In A Lincolnshire Barley Field
* Under The Spotlight: The Murder Of Russia’s “Mad Monk”
* “The Devil In A Police Uniform”
* TD’s Crime Photos
* Your Letters
* Queen’s Pilot Was Cross-Dressing Torture Killer
* The Shoe Fetish Serial Killer
* Killer Fooled The Cops But Not His Conscience
* The Most Hated Woman In Ireland
* DVD Competition And America’s Most Evil Quiz
* “I Saw My Dad Kill My Mom”
* Sweet Fanny Adams
* The Crossbow Cannibal – The Full Story
* Make A Break: Cartoons And Crossword
* From Derby: Lover Thought He’d Murdered A Corpse
* My Bloody Valentine
* “I Love Lucy With All My Heart”
* “I Saw My Husband’s Killer Die In The Electric Chair”
* Bad Brothers
* Questions & Answers
* “Sawing Him Up Was The Hard Part”
* Hell Frozen Over
* From Enfield, Middlesex: Murder For A Shilling
* Mom Helped Strangler Get Rid Of The Body
* Mike Malloy – The Indestructible Irishman

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