True Detective October 2015

True Detective October 2015


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Robert Durst, the cross-dressing US property tycoon with a history that suggests he’s a very dangerous man

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Robert Durst, the cross-dressing US property tycoon with a history that suggests he’s a very dangerous man indeed to be around, became a TV star in the US this year. But his higher profile, founded upon The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst (aired in the UK on Sky Atlantic) has done nothing whatsoever for his future prospects. In the most extraordinary circumstances, the multi-millionaire is now behind bars awaiting trial in California for murder – and looking at the possibility of a death sentence if found guilty. How did it all go wrong for a man who once seemed to have the world at his feet and be leading the most charmed existence? Turn to Multi-millionaire Charged With Murder…Again for the full, incredible story.

Killings in County Antrim are the focus this month in Ireland’s Road Map To Murder, featuring a selection of the most shocking cases from 1823 to 2008. Among them is the still-unsolved case of 13-year-old schoolboy Darren Fawns, who was murdered in Antrim 20 years ago. Let’s hope that the case is finally cracked before another 20 years has gone by.

There were decades of pain for the family of murdered Pennsylvania woman Catherine Walsh, who was found strangled and sexually assaulted at home in 1979. But this was one cold case that was destined – due to advancements in DNA technology and the diligence and determination of investigating officers – to be solved, albeit decades later.

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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