True Detective Summer Special 2007


Who wanted sexy Sue dead? "Why I shot them to death" crippled grandmother’s own story. Liverpool’s murderous hypnotist.

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Why would anyone want to murder sexy Sue Morency, she was a beautiful, charming and successful businesswoman. Who would want to harm her, the police wondered?

Death by a thousand cuts. Elderly Eliza Reeves. She had been driven mad through jealously, but there was not a day when she did not say she would kill her husband.

Wives play dead to catch evil husbands. Divorce is more often than not a no-win situation. After years of marriage you find yourself older, sadder and a great deal poorer. While most people put it down to experience and move on with their lives, there are some who will not let go. They may find themselves alone and bitter, but they’re damned if they’re going to be poorer. The solution? Don’t pay the alimony. Dispose of your soon-to-be-ex-wife and start afresh. But police in America are getting wise to this ruse…

Liverpool’s murderous hyponotist. Joseph Reginald Victor Clarke led an extraordinary life as a ladies’ man and a heartless killer between England, America and Canada.

They were blood brothers…Their friendship carved in war-torn Beirut in 1983…And a debt had to be repaid…"Buddy, will you murder my wife?" John Chartier pulled many of his fellow-Marines out of the carnage at the American Embassy in Beirut and the Beirut Airport – including David Wilcox, who remained forever in his debt.

Two hanged by avenging ghost. Bizarre classic from County Durham.

"Why I shot them to death." Mrs. Rachel Warren – a crippled grandmother, told her own story of how, many years ago, she blasted two people to death in the dead of night – with the sheriff’s blessing, and without ever standing trial for it!

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