True Detective Summer Special 2004


Sex on tap for Pam the husband-killer. Wicked Theresa burned her daughter alive. "Catch me before I kill more." Jersey horror of the body in the fridge.

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Sex on tap for Pamela Smart. The court heard how she traded sex for her husband’s murder.

Jersey horror of the body in the fridge. Blessed with a fine climate, Jersey has played the role of holiday paradise for many. But for little Joy Norton the island was simply where she lived – and died.

Wicked Theresa Cross burned her daughter alive. Terry Knorr, the daughter who survived to tell her tale of torture and murder, but her stories of death by burning and starvation were so incredible that the police thought she was making it up. So they did nothing about it…

The execution of Georgia Montano. It seemed Georgia’s love of her poodles led to the shocking finale which saw the slaughter of three humans and six of the animals.

Four-year-old gives evidence at murder trial. When Dillon died there was only one witness – his brother. But would a four-year-old’s evidence stand up in court? And was it murder he witnessed – or something far more innocent?

Challenge of the Stockport ripper…

Rape victim fought back. For eight years Holly Desimone never gave up her struggle to find and convict her rapist. A ban on revealing her identity as a rape victim was lifted and coverage on America’s Most Wanted proved that there was hope for her and many victims of rape.

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