True Detective Summer Special 2002

True Detective Summer Special 2002


Featuring the Jerry Springer Show murder; the shocking case from America… Baby taken from pregnant mother. Sex and a taste of strychnine – Dublin shocker.

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The Jerry Springer show murder. Hours after a bust-up on TV with her former husband, Nancy Campbell was found dead on her kichen floor. And suddenly the husband and his new wife were nowhere to be seen…

1957 riddle of the sweet shop man, sex and blackmail. He had no enemies, yet he was murdered in a crime without apparent motive. So who killed Ken Dolden in a lover’s glade in Epping Forest? And who was the mysterious motorist who called the police and then disappeared?

The night Nancy’s luck ran out. She would come to a bad end, Nancy Brians’s husband told her when she left him. But she was still around 20 years later, still walking the streets of Newcastle upon Tyne at 48, still somehow surviving the risks run by the city’s prostitutes. The last three years had been the worst. She had been stabbed, thrown through a plate-glass window, and now she had been released from Durham Prison where she had spent six months for hitting a man in the face with a bottle.

Was the pampered pet of good fortune a wife killer? The handsome Charles DuBois, his impeccable moustache waxed, insisted that his older wife Edith had been killed in a car accident in Montreal, Canada. The police, however, still searched his summer home for a body…

Cruel lies of the transvestite strangler. The evidence was clear. The killer, had blindfolded his victim, tied her hands, raped and murdered her. But still he chose to blacker her reputation with a tissue of lies.

The nearly perfect wife murders: The doctor who killed "for greed and a way to the easy life". Every bit of a family man; handsome doctor turned author and bridge expert Carol Coppolino. He was convicted of killing his first wife Carmela with a deadly drug as she slept.

Dublin schocker. Sex, and a taste of strychnine. "It tastes just like those chocolates you gave me the other day, they were bitter," Nellie compalined putting the glass down on the bedside table…

The Hampstead killer who outsmarted himself. Why did the killer return to the scene of the his crime, seeming to go out of his way to draw attention to himself? Was he treating the murder as a game; getting a buzz out of its aftermath?

Vengeance in the sun. Raped five times, the young victim’s body was a mass of bruises, her jaw was fractured in two places, and she was on the verge of complete collapse.

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