True Detective Summer Special 1998

True Detective Summer Special 1998


Thelma & Louise II – Housewives became vice girls on the run Two million dollars meant Susie must be guilty Sunderland tragedy "I have to kill Cathy tonight"

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$2 million Meant That Susie Must Be Guilty!
Did she or did she not pull the trigger that killed her husband? That question took 9 long years to answer

Bournemount Puzzler
Who murdered Emma Sheriff? The victim’s battered body was found lying face-down in a sandy hollow, two handerchiefs jammed into her mouth and throat; brutually murdered by someone she knew well enough not to be afraid of, it seemed…

Thelma & Louise, The Sequel:
Housewives became vice girls on the run. They were nice, respectable, law-abiding couple of friends until they discovered their alternative life style – like armed robbery, sex and prostitution

Mass Murder In The Rue Lesueur
"Of course I murdered my patients," he declared. "They were all enemies of our country. I killed them because I’m a patriot…"

Tragic Case From Sunderland "I Have To Kill Cathy Tonight"
Joseph Deans wanted to murder his ex-lover – and he told not only her of his intention but all his friends as well. In the end it got to the point that no one really believed him…

Stalking Honolulu’s Mad Kidnapper
Hawaii’s most sensational crime and one of the great cases in criminal history – the brutual kidnapping of 10-year-old Gill Jamieson, son of the vice president of the Hawaiian Trust Company

She Was London’s Best Known Woman Thief
Mary Frith became a legend in the capital for her ability to steal wallets and purses. She discovered many other ways of relieving people of their valuables, too

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