True Detective October 2017

True Detective October 2017


As war raged in Europe a British subject broadcast Nazi propaganda over the airwaves…


As war raged in Europe a British subject broadcast Nazi propaganda over the airwaves. “Germany calling, Germany calling,” William Joyce (pictured) announced in his comical upper-class drawl from a Hamburg studio. Predicting disaster for Britain and its allies and victory for Germany, Joyce – dubbed “Lord Haw Haw” – incensed the authorities with his treacherous doom-laden talk. Born in New York to an Irish father and English mother, Joyce had spent years living in England before moving to Germany in 1939 to do Hitler’s work. At the war’s end, in 1945, the British got their hands on the notorious traitor and he found himself at the Old Bailey in a battle for his very survival. Turn to Questions & Answers: Why They Hanged Lord Haw Haw, for the full story.

Lance Corporal Trimaan Dhillon at first probably seemed like perfect boyfriend material to fun-loving Alice Ruggles but he proved to be anything but that. The pair had a short romance but when Alice dumped
him he became her stalker, with utterly tragic consequences. The chilling case raises serious questions about how police should deal with such behaviour.

Fantasy card game player Sean Dugas had been friends with twin brothers William and Chris
Cormier for 20 years. Why wouldn’t he let them move into his house to help them out? Turn to Murdered
For A Pack Of Cards for the answer.

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