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In 1921 Ireland was a troubled place. Indeed it was in a state of emergency. It was also the year farmer and magistrate Robert Dixon got the dreaded knock at the door of his Dunlavin, County Wicklow, home. On his doorstep that cold February morning stood two men from the Royal Irish Constabulary bent on robbery. Five months later the RIC was disbanded in the south after a cease-fire was agreed between the government and the IRA. But by then it was too late for farmer Dixon and his two killers, one of whom paid with his life on the gallows.

Meanwhile,57 years later and a continent away a one-man reign of terror attributed to the Hilltop Rapist began without warning on the evening of Tuesday, June 13th, 1978. It finally drew to a close over 20 years later when, after seven known rapes and four murders he was put to death at San Quentin Prison. Relatives of the dead, a rape survivor and the brother of another victim sat holding hands to watch the killer’s execution. Described as "a senseless, meaningless act of revenge that might feel good to some but doesn’t make us better people" by one anti-capital punishment protester, this is the life, crimes and death of serial offender Darrell "Young Elk" Rich laid bare.

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