True Detective May 2021


Stuart Alexander’s family had been in the sausage-making business for years – but when he took over the San Leandro-based firm there were signs that there could be trouble ahead. He wanted to maintain the traditional methods that had worked for years at the Santos Linguisa meat factory. The trouble was, though, that the food inspectors from the US department of agriculture weren’t going to allow that to happen. Something had to give, and when the inspectors came to call, Alexander put his deadly plan into place. Read “America’s Most Evil – Revenge Of The Sausage King” for the full story.

When the body of 23-year-old secretary Judith Harris was found battered to death in St. Helier in December 1978 the whole of Jersey was shocked. A murder investigation was launched that would soon put a tough ex-army Yorkshireman in the dock. Killer Nigel Hopton would gain the unwanted distinction of being the only man in the British Isles under sentence of death. Don’t miss this issue’s “Crimes That Made The Headlines – The Man They Couldn’t Hang”.

Finally to the rural town of Oxford, North Carolina, and the awful fate of happily married couple Jerome and Dora Faulkner at the hands of merciless Edward and Eric Campbell. See “Father And Son Came To Kill” in this issue.

Highlights this issue include:

* Father And Son Came To Kill

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: The Man They Couldn’t Hang

* America’s Most Evil: Revenge Of The Sausage King

* Hanged In Australia: “My One Regret”…By The Man On The Gallows

* Barnsley’s Mystery Of The Five Photos

* Execution USA

* Wandsworth’s Days Of Hanging, Part 8

* Evil Couple Slipped “Truth Drug” To Their Victims

* Questions & Answers: Revealed! “Hooded Man” Who Gunned Down Eastbourne Copper

* The Shocking Story Of Shari Smith’s Heartbreaking Last Will And Testament

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