True Detective March 2000


Was Jill Dando murdered by mistake? Rose West. New series ‘Orgies Of Brutality.’

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At the time this issue goes to press the Jill Dando case remains unsolved. "Precious few clues by countless theories," is how the article begains. And it concludes with the depressing observation: "As time wears on the likelihood of Jill Dando’s killer being found diminishes: the longer an inquiry continues and the slower the rate of any new leads, the less likely there will be a positive outcome." And so, for the first time in 48 years that True Detective has been published in Britain – WE HOPE WE ARE WRONG. We hope that the callous gunman who shot dead one of Britain’s most respected and best loved television presenters has been arrested and is on remand awaiting trial.

In ‘Coverage of Evil’ this month, camermen have only Rose West to pursue. Fred had committed suicide. But as her trial approached, the police gave Rose every protection from the media – or so they thought.

‘Orgies of Brutality’ is a new series which studies the cult of cruelty, sadistic rituals and atrocities throughout the ages. It begins with the Greeks and Romans, as well it should. After all, the Ancient Greeks viewed six as a gift from the gods, and certainly made the most of it as you can see.

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