True Detective June 2018

True Detective June 2018


Freddie Mills was a sporting hero, TV star and nightclub owner known to millions in 60s Britain…


Freddie Mills was a sporting hero, TV star and nightclub owner known to millions in 60s Britain who seemingly had the world at his feet. No wonder then that when he was found shot dead in his car – apparently by his own hand – his horrified fans suspected foul play. Few could believe he would have wanted to end it all, but Mills’s personal and business lives were complicated – and he was even a suspect in the Jack the Stripper case. Turn to Crimes That Made The Headlines – “Who Killed Freddie Mills – Was It Suicide Or A Gangland Hit?”.

County Tyrone pensioner Attracta Harron was the last person anyone would expect to suddenly disappear, so when she vanished a couple of weeks before Christmas 2003, many feared the worst – and they would be proved right. When it transpired that her killer was a supervised sex offender, there was outrage. Turn to Irish Murder Case Made Legal History for the full story.

In America’s Most Evil – Serial Killer In The Making, we look at the crimes of sex-strangler Nolan Ray George. And for a bumper collection of cases focusing on the USA’s most deadly, don’t miss America’s Most Evil, our brilliant new “bookazine” which we’ve named after the series.

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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  • Irish Murder Case Made Legal History
  • Crimes That Made The Headlines: Who Killed Freddie Mills?
  • Make A Break: Wordsearch
  • Kyle Boldrey Goes Shooting
  • Your Letters / More of your views
  • Questions & Answers: Gang-Raped And Torched…But Who Killed Elodie?
  • Hanged In Australia: Would They Hang Adelaide’s Murderous Old Soldier?
  • River Of Death: Albert Bridge Murder Put Granny Frances On The Gallows
  • TD’s Crime Photos
  • Execution USA
  • Questions & Answers 2: Horrific Case Of The Corpse In The Coal Cellar
  • America’s Most Evil: A Serial Killer In The Making
  • Competition
  • 120 Were Hanged At Pentonville – Part Seven
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