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Back in the 19th century many children were to be found working in pubs. Catherine Dennis, 15, was just one of them

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Back in the 19th century many children were to be found working in pubs. Catherine Dennis, 15, was just one of them. She had been employed at the Ivy Hotel in Linthwaite, near Huddersfield, and her duties included those of barmaid. But on one afternoon in August 1891 she had been left in sole charge of the pub, a situation that cost Catherine her life and earned hangman James Billington another £10 8s 6d.

In April 1970, 10-year-old Bernadette Connolly vanished in Ireland’s County Sligo. In 1984 a senior detective who had worked on the case told colleagues that he thought he knew who murdered Bernadette, and that he hoped to arrest the suspect the following autumn. But that never happened because of the possible involvement of a nearby monastery. It made the case such a hot potato that the police were confronted by a wall of silence. It soon became clear that several people knew more than they were prepared to disclose…Turn to page 10 for Sligo’s Mystery Of The Monastery Van, this month’s Classic Irish Murder Case.

He may have been on trial for his life but for all the attention the defendant appeared to pay to the opening of the proceedings you would never have thought it. It was Monday, July 18th, 1949, and the scene was the Sussex Assizes. And the man in the dock? He was engrossed in a crossword puzzle! Furthermore, he was studying it through gold-rimmed spectacles he had taken from one of his murder victims! The Courtroom Battle For Haigh’s Life – the concluding part of The Acid Bath Murders.

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