True Detective December 2022

True Detective December 2022


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Scottish serial killer Peter Tobin is no more. His death in a hospital bed in October 2022, at the age of 76, was a peaceful one. His health had been failing for several years as he served out a whole-life prison sentence at HM Prison Edinburgh. Many would argue that the care shown to him in the final period of his life was much more than he deserved. And, as we report this issue in “Crimes That Made The Headlines – Monster Of Murder Takes His Secrets To The Grave”, even as his health declined, the killer chose not to cooperate with police. Officers from Police Scotland had given him the opportunity to speak with them about further killings he was suspected of having committed. However, Tobin remained silent – perhaps as a way of exerting further control. His body may have been failing yet he remained a psychopath till the end.

Charlie Brooks is a killer who made history – perhaps not the kind he would have wished for, though. It was his fate, 40 years ago, to become the first convicted US murderer to be executed by lethal injection. His crime, in Texas in 1976, robbed victim David Gregory – a married father of one – of his life. On Death Row, Brooks found religion and, at the time of his controversial execution, his faith in Islam was deep. Was his punishment befitting of the crime? And was the method used really painless and humane? Questions asked back in 1982 continue to be asked today. See “America’s Most Evil – The First Lethal Injection” for the full story.

Highlights this issue include:

* “Kill Mom…Kill The Prime Minister…”

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Monster Of Murder Takes His Secrets To The Grave

* America’s Most Evil: The First Lethal Injection

* Execution USA

* Was President Woodrow Wilson Poisoned?

* Cold Case..No Body

* Hanged In Australia: The Strange Odyssey Of Australia’s Mutilation-Murderer

* Hanged In Wales: Unique Evidence Of The Signed Stamp

* Ireland’s Last Public Execution

* Questions & Answer: From Blitz Baby To Borstal…To The Condemned Cell

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