True Detective April 2020


Ashley Young, 31, was a popular young woman from Michigan who hadn’t yet met the right man. Perhaps she thought Jared Chance would be the one. The pair had connected through Facebook and, after exchanging messages and photos, finally met. Soon they would be boyfriend and girlfriend. But when trusting Ashley inexplicably went missing after a night out at a bar with the jobless Chance in late November 2018, her mother’s worst suspicions were confirmed. Read this issue’s “Tell Me Where The Rest of My Daughter Is” for the full story.

“Crimes That Made The Headlines – Devon Kidnapper Revealed As Killer Too” looks at the extraordinary case of west country would-be master criminal Keith Rose. Public school-educated Rose brooded endlessly on the best way to get rich quick and chose kidnapping as the best option. Trouble was, even the best laid plans have a way of going wrong. See this issue for the full story.

The crimes of multiple Iowa killer and drug kingpin Dustin Honken and his one-time girlfriend and accomplice Angela Johnson are the focus of “America’s Most Evil – Killing Couple Sentenced To Die” in this issue. Honken could have been an academic but instead chose a career in methamphetamine. Pity anyone who stood in his way…

Highlights this issue include:

* “Tell Me Where The Rest Of My Daughter Is”

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Devon Kidnapper Revealed As Killer To

* Manhunt On A Scale Never Seen Before

* Hanged At Crumlin Road Prison – Part 4

* Death Riddle After The Orgy

* Under The Spotlight: The Starr Faithfull Enigma

* America’s Most Evil: Killing Couple Sentenced To Die

* Execution USA

* Hanged In Australia: Shooting Death Of An Adelaide Copper

* Serial Killer In Paradise

* Questions & Answers: Twenty Thousand Came To Watch Bessie’s Killer Die

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