True Crime Summer Special 2006

True Crime Summer Special 2006


Model’s cocaine habit ends in murder. We survived a serial killer. Why they hanged Edith Thompson.

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Model’s cocaine habit ends in murder. The world of modelling is notoriously drug-fuelled so it isn’t surprising that top model Simone Hirst’s use of cocaine soon became an addiction. She tried many times to get clean and thought she had found her saviour in a wealthy businessman who she believed was in love with her. But thier romantic weekend in Las Vegas to celebrate Simone’s birthday ended in tragedy.

Three-in-a-bed led to New Forest murder. The lodger was almost asleep when the landlady squeezed into his bed and cuddled up to him. Then Norman slipped under the bedclothes too. Now he was trapped between the mother and her 13-year-old daugther – and they both had only one thing on their minds.

We survived a serial killer. The women interviewed were kidnapped and left for dead. One was raped, another tortured, and another stabbed in the throat and left to die in a back road like an animal. Here they tell their incredible stories, and how they survived their hours of terror.

Why they hanged Edith Thompson. In this new analysis of a classic British case we point the finger not at the woman executed for murder but at the judge whose handling of the trial brought about one of the great miscarriages of justice of all time.

The secret of the woman in the suitcase. A suitcase held the torso of a once-lovely woman. Her legs were found in a dustbin a few blocks away. From fingerprints police identified her as Florence Pearl Gibbon, a beautiful lady with an addition to heroin. She stashed her supplies of the drug in a little silver box. And it was the sight of this that forced her killer to confess…

Baby Face Nelson. The full, bullet-riddled story…He looked like a cherubic choirboy, with a high-pitched, squeaky voice. From his appearance you would never have thought that George "Baby Face Nelson" was destined to become America’s Public Enemy No.1 – a gangster too trigger-happy even for the notorious John Dillinger.

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