True Crime Summer Special 2005


The chilling cost of celebrity. Catherine and Elizabeth’s terror revealed inside… No way to murder your husband – lover used wrong type of hand granade… Horror of the hanging model…

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The chilling cost of celebrity. Fame comes at a price $5,000 a month in fact. But even with multi-million-pound security for the rich and famous, he problem of stalking continues, burning more than just a hole in their pockets.

Horror of the hanging model. Geoffrey Jones’s ultimate fantasy was to film a girl dying on his makeshift gallows. His unsuspecting teenage model walked innocently into his trap – and 15 minutes later she was dead.

Preacher man slain in sex session. The Paradise Valley multi-millionaire had three obsessions – sex, religion and making money. He made a fortune replacing car windscreens, married Mrs. America in a nationwide TV ceremony, and died on a date with a nude dancer.

Secrets of the acid bath murderer. The series of murders committed by John George Haigh defied belief – even when he openly described his crimes, his victims and his terrible methods.

No way to murder your husband. Obsessed with her lover, Wendy Glass, the "black widow" worked out a way to get rid of her husband. all she needed was a war, a combat zone, and a hand granade.

Nottingham’s case of the homicidal nurse Dorothea Waddingham. She said thirty shillings a week wasn’t enough to properly care for two of her ailing charges.

"Buster" Crabb’s last mission. Murder on a gravestone.

Massacred! The multiple killings, the intruder’s purpose…none of it made any sense. Only a complete maniac could have performed such motiveless slaughter. And for the police, there was to be no quick fix, although they had plenty of suspects.

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