True Crime Summer Special 2000


London’s black August. Who put the millionaire in the antique trunk? Cheltenham classic murder mystery. Lincoln tragedy.

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Who put the millionaire in the antique trunk? If you’re a high-flyer in Las Vegas watch your back. Two millionaires were taken unawares in remarkably similar tales of lust, greed, and glitz in the gambler’s paradise.

London’s black August. Two murders that brought a terrible end to the summer of 1957.

Murderous bomber becomes folk hero on the run. America’s biggest manhunt has been going on for over two years. The quarry is the country’s most wanted man who is using all his backwoodsman skills to stay one step ahead of the FBI.

The dark secret of Tower Lodge at Leckhampton. Locals whispered of girls being brought there for abortions. But then something far more strange occurred there.

Devon crime: A brush with evil. Despite being the bastard son of a prostitute who was raised by a chimney sweep, Lewis Harvey could write with great fluency. But inside him was an evil that was to bring his life to a swift and sudden end…

Gun-fight at Round Valley. More than a century after the Indians from different tribes agreed to a treaty at Round Valley, in northern California, their descendents still felt oppressed. A gun-fight at Round Valley Indian Reservation in 1995 brought to a head what they felt was racism in the predominatly white police force.

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