Murder Most Foul No. 99


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What initially seemed a senseless and shocking attack on her and her children was later revealed to be something far more appalling – a mother who had deliberately tried to kill them.
Diane Downs’s crime – and her subsequent trial – made headlines around the world in the 80s. And, famously, the late crme writer Ann Rule wrote a best-selling book about the case, Small Sacrifices. Don’t miss Francesca Morrison’s re-telling, The Horrific Case Of Diane Downs.
The Night Nancy’s Luck Run Out, is a shocking story from 50s Newcastle that’s not to be missed. When Nancy Brians had left her husband many years earlier, she’d been warned by him that she’d come to a bad end. Yet some two decades later, by then in her late 40s, she was still walking the streets of Tyneside. But she was about to pay a terrible price for her risky lifestyle…
In MMF 97 we brought you the story of France’s notorious Bluebeard, Henri Landru. In this edition we have the extraordinary tale of his American equivalent, James Watson. Women read his lonely hearts ads in the newspapers and fell at his feet, pleading with him to marry them. The cynical, ruthless Watson always accepted if they were rich enough – and once he had their money, he disposed of them in brutal fashion. See How Many Victims For The Boastful Bluebeard?
Enjoy the read – and watch out for a special 100th edition next time!

  • Why Shayna Shot Ryan In The Face
  • Opinion – More of your views
  • Strangeways Death Of A Serial Killer
  • The Winnipeg Diamond Murder
  • The Horrific Case of Diane Downs
  • Soho’s Porn Shop Murder
  • Uncle Tick-Tock And The Lost Boys
  • Six Victims For The Sydney Granny KillerThe Night Nancy’s Luck Ran Out
  • Unsolved: Homicide In Hollywood – Who Killed William Desmond Taylor?
  • Surrey’s Morphine Murder Mystery
  • Couples Who Kill: Inside the Torture Chamber On The Highway To Hell
  • “I’ve Just Cut Rosie’s Head Off”How Many Victims For The Boastful Bluebeard?
  • Irene Ditched Husband For “Sex Killer”
  • Martha The Poison Queen
  • Four-day Marriage Ended In Murder


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