Murder Most Foul No. 93

Murder Most Foul No. 93


Texas’s Death Row is surely the last place for a young woman…

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* Executed By His Brothers In Arms
* The Bloody Chronicle of Dutch Schultz
* Opinion More of your views
* Bude’s Lord Of The Manor Murder
* Murder That Put Brittany On Death Row
* Horror Of The Lynch Mob – The Leo Frank Story
* Execution Murder Of A Movie Icon
* The Beautiful And The Damned
* The S-Bahn Murderer – A Nazi Serial Killer
* Wigan Child Horror: Who Threw Hannah’s Body Down Raven Pit?
* Gerri Came Home To Horror
* Did Wall-To-Wall Infidelity Cost Dolly Her Life?
* Bride Pushed Her Husband Off A Cliff
* Goaded To Death
* Oldham’s Tragic Case Of The Husband Who Nagged Too Much

Arthur Flegenheimer, best known as Dutch Schultz, was a gangland legend – a notorious New York killer and racketeer who lived by the gun and, inevitably, died by it too. As tough as they come and equally ruthless, Schultz built up his operation in a blaze of bullets and glory during the 1920s.

Texas’s Death Row is surely the last place for a young woman. But that was where prostitute Brittany Holberg found herself in 1998 at the age of 25, and where she remains today. While she and her legal team continue to battle her sentence – and her appointment at the gurney gets seemingly ever closer – we recall on page 18 the extraordinarily savage murder that put this troubled killer from Amarillo behind bars.

Luisa Ferida, adored by millions and the darling of Mussolini’s Italy, starred in some of the greatest Italian film productions of the era. But the alluring and glamorous star’s association with the love of her life, fellow actor Osvaldo Valenti, was to cost her her life.

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