Murder Most Foul No. 8


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Never before has Murder Most Foul – Quarterly packed such a wealth of interesting cases in one issue! Christie, Kemper and Nilsen – three necrophiles who lived and worked among ordinary people until they were so dramatically exposed. To Christie’s neighbours in the London of the 1950s, the small, bespectacled sex killer appeared the epitome of respectability. They were stunned into disbelief when he was arrested for the murders of many women whose corpses had been left to rot in cupboards and under his floorboards at 10 Rillington Place. Edmund Kemper was an affable giant, whose favourite drinking companions were police officers. Imagine their astonishment when he telephoned from out of state to confess that he had left his mother and her friend dead in his house, and that he was responsible for the deaths of all those girls…And Dennis Nilsen, who left his office at the end of the day with a fair idea that he would find the police waiting to arrest him at home – so left a note to his colleagues, to ensure his own safety!

How would Christie fare with the psychological profiling techniques discussed in a fascinating article? By far the most despicable of the contemptible trio – for he was the one who ensured Timothy Evans would hang – Christie is the only one of them who has to be analysed in retrospect. If you lived next door to a similar man, would you recognise his potential for utter evil?


  • The Life And Crimes of Dennis Nilsen
  • That Nilsen T.V. Interview
  • Kemper The Beheader
  • Psychological Profiling
  • John Reginald Halliday Christie – Mass Murderer Or Serial Killer
  • Death On The Shannon
  • Kenneth Barlow – Convinced Of His Own Innocence
  • Terror Farm
  • Murder On The Spot .32 Calibre Handshake
  • “Act of God” Execution Of A Double Murderess?
  • Mystery Murder Of A Bradford Taxi Driver


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