Murder Most Foul No. 34


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More entralling stories of drama, passion and murder, and we begin with the desperate plight of young mother Krisann Haddad, who was finally pushed over the edge by the despair in which she found herself. She sought an escape from a life on social security, part-time jobs and single parenthood, with booze, pot and pills, but all she succeeded in doing was landing herself deeper in the mire. And the worst is yet to come. That will be the day she looks her son in the eyes and tells him she she did to him…

In his final speech on behalf of a young soldier accused of murder, defence counsel Mr. J.G. Trigwell argued that to establish murder the prosecution must prove malice aforethought, and that in the absence of such proof the jury should return a verdict of manslaughter. However, the jury didn’t accept the argument, the young soldier was found guilty and subsequently hanged at Dorchester Prison in which proved to be the Dorset town’s last execution. But did they hang a ruthless killer or was the tragic shooting that cost an innocent man his life the result of a drunken knavery?

The execution of four-time killer John Gleeson Wilson was a messy affair, distressing many among the large crowd who turned up at Kirkdale Prison to witness it. But his notoriety did not end with his monstrous crime or his execution. Following his internment within the walls of the prison a representative of the famous London waxworks Madame Tussaud’s bought his clothes and had a death mask made so that Wilson could be included in their “Chamber of Horrors” exhibition.

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  • Justice For A Greedy, Calculating Murderess: The Judy Loren Story
  • The Liverpool Lodger Murders – Two Women, Two Children Brutally Slain
  • Deady Dancing: Australian Lady killer Shocker
  • Unsolved London Poison Classic
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  • Teen Thugs Killed For The Fun Of It
  • Machine-Gun-Totin’ Doctor Shot To Kill
  • Penniless Husband Had Secret Sex Life
  • Hollywood’s Horror Of The Phantom Assassin & The Slain Actress: The Urge To Kill
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