Murder Most Foul No. 121


Cannibal killers from across the Americas feature in this edition of Murder Most Foul. In the poverty-stricken Mexico City suburb of Ecatepec, three mothers contacted police in October 2018, following the disappearance of their daughters. Doing their own detective work, the mums had discovered that Arlet, Evelyn and Nancy all knew a woman called Patricia Martinez Bernal. Could she solve the mystery of the vanishing women? Cops were soon investigating – and what they discovered proved truly horrific. Read “Cannibal Couple Had Fridge Stocked With Human Remains” for the full story.

Many of us have heroes. Usually, though, they’re not notorious serial killers, real or fictitious. Marc Sappington from Kansas City was different. “His Heroes Were Dahmer And Hannibal Lecter” tells what happened when the 22-year-old obeyed the voices in his head commanding him to drink human blood and eat human flesh…

When plumbers found human flesh blocking a drainage pipe outside the home of Canadian Adam Strong, they contacted the police. More horrors awaited investigators, as you can read in this issue’s “Cops Found Killer Flushing Dismembered Victim Down Toilet”.

Highlights this issue include:

* Jodi: Torrid Sex And A “Psycho” Bloodbath

* Cops Found Killer Flushing Dismembered Victim Down Toilet

* Maidenhead’s Murder Street

* Serial Killer Kept Victims’ Organs In his Bed

* Why He Did Time For Serial Killer’s Crime

* Couples Who Kill: Cannibal Couple Had Fridge Stocked With Human Remains

* Why Didn’t They Hang James Kelly?

* The Kids’ Last Holiday In Bognor

* Mary On The Gallows

* “He’s Another Ted Bundy. He Could Charm A Victim To her Death”

* Stalker On Route 29

* His Heroes Were Dahmer And Hannibal Lecter

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