Murder Most Foul No. 111

Murder Most Foul No. 111


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The murder of 35-year-old Londoner Daisy Wallis remains an intriguing mystery to this day – nearly 70 years later. She was horrifically stabbed to death in August of 1949 in the High Holborn office where she ran her business. Sex and robbery were quickly eliminated as motives. So why was she killed? Was it the random work of a violent, unhinged attacker? For the next decade, the inquiry into Daisy’s murder continued. At one stage Frank Mitchell, a notorious associate of the Kray twins, made a curious confession. Could he really have been involved?

Anthony Garcia blamed two fellow-doctors for ruining his career and embarked on a deadly revenge. Four people died as a result of his murderous campaign, but when the US justice system delivered its verdict on him, Garcia couldn’t keep his eyes open.

Many people idolise movie stars or the characters they portray on film. Brit Daniel Gonzalex wanted to emulate a character from the Nightmare On Elm Street horror film series…

Cases Include:

He Set Out To Slay 64 – But “Only Made It To 48”

Doctor Sleeps Through His Own Death Sentence

Opinion / More Of Your Views

Maniac Wanted To Be Freddy Krueger For A Day

From Lottery Win To Kidnap And Murder

Couples Who Kill : “Don’t Hang Me, I Have A Little Child”

Long Island’s Red Circle Slayings

Death Sentence For Scissor-Killer Mariene

Unsolved: Did The Made Axe-Man Kill Daisy?

Lyda Trueblood’s Unique Method Of Murder

“There’s A Voice In My Head Called Hell – And It Tells Me To Kill”

How Passion Inspired Pauline To Murder

“I Have To Kill Cathy Tonight”