Master Detective Summer Special 2002

Master Detective Summer Special 2002


Witchcraft trial of Angela Cannings. Inside Beth’s house of horrors. Paddock Wood – murder of the secrets girl.

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Hampshire’s "Witchcraft Trial" of Angela Cannings.

The house of horrors…From the outside it looks like the home of a respectable mother of two. Neighbours were horrified to learn what was taking place behind its walls when they heard screaming. It certainly wasn’t youngsters having a wild party, as they thought.

Stoke’s case of the unwanted boy…Taken from his school and drowned.

Sick fantasies of a deadly pen-pal. He had a knack of writing flowery, romantic letters that could make any woman feel like a queen. But from an early age he had been involved in an escalating series of violent crimes against females, crimes that began with the rape and strangulation of his sister.

Paddock Wood – murder of the secrets girl. Diana began that glorious summer afternoon watching cricket on the Kentish village green, then wandered off to pick some flowers. A week later her nude, strangled corpse was found lying face-down in mud and weeds…

From Australia – Sydney’s shark arm case.

He worshipped his hero to death. Charles Murch was brought into the police station. He was trembling. The gag that had been around the victim’s mouth had come from one of his shirts. How could he answer that?

Hanging horror in Echo Mountains. What was the grim secret behind the ransacking of the old man’s log cabin? And where was he. A 1926 mystery.

57 victims in 6 years. The Egyptian-born chemist Omar Latif Sharif. He moved to Ciudad Juarez in 1994 and the serial killings began within a year.

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