Master Detective January 2020


Murders, sadly, occur everywhere. And, as our regular readers know, our coverage includes deadly deeds committed throughout Britain and Ireland, the US, in Europe and across the globe.

Starting this month, however, is a short series – “Britain’s Murder Village” – focusing on a particular deadly “hotspot,” Denham. The picturesque Buckinghamshire village, once known for its film studios and notable residents, has seen more than its share of deadly deeds and been linked to other murders too.

Elsewhere in this issue, don’t miss the 1950s tale “The Cannibal Of Barrow”, a case so disturbing that the full facts were withheld from the public at the time. Finally, don’t miss the case of the innocent and finally freed Anthony Wright: “It’s The Greatest Day Of My Life.”

Highlights this issue include:

* The Perils Of Pornography: Family Slaughtered Over Webcam Model

* European Crime Report: “Hang Up – You’re Blocking The Line”, “The Body In The French Woods”, “Bullet In The Head For Baby’s Killer”

* New Series: Britain’s Murder Village, Part One

* The Hangings Of Albert Pierrepoint – Part Eight: Gallows For Georgina’s Lover

* Rattlesnakes For An Unwanted Wife

* Elaine’s Killer Made Depraved Fantasies A Reality

* MD Forum: Murder Of A Jersey Policeman – And How Killer Marie Beat The Hangman

* The Cannibal Of Barrow

* “It’s The Greatest Day Of My Life”

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