Master Detective February 2021

Master Detective February 2021


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Who killed Pamela Shelly? The police believed her boyfriend Ronnie Hendrick had shot her – and her death was anything but the “probable suicide” recorded by the Texas medical examiner. For years afterwards the killer’s family apparently conspired with Hendrick, and a TV show’s pursuit of ratings almost scuppered the chance of a cold case conviction. See this issue’s “Family Rallied Round To Shield Pamela’s Slayer” for the full story.

He raped and murdered Scottish businesswoman Moira Jones in Glasgow in 2008, but killer Marek Harcar is no longer serving time north of the border and is back in his native Slovakia. Why? To find out, read “Scotland’s Classic Cases – Why Was Moira’s Savage Killer Sent Home?”

Finally, don’t miss a meeting with Spanish Black Widow Maje Moreno who has been making headlines in Spain in “Black Widow – Which Of Her Four Lovers Did She Con Into Killing?”

Highlights this issue include:

* Family Rallied Round To Shield Pamela’s Slayer

* European Crime Report: “Black Widow – Which Of Her Four Lovers Did She Con Into Killing?”, “Sausage King Slaughtered In The Sauna,” “How Many Victims For The Cocaine Sex Killer?,” “Trans Tv Star ‘Was Murdered’”

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Why Was Moira’s Savage Killer Sent Home?

* Snaring Canada’s Modern Borgia

* Transvestism, Bondage And Murder – In Rotherham…

* A Golden Age…For Murder: Knife-Killer Opened The Door To 850 Hangings

* Boyfriend Got Away With Kaylyn’s Murder – So What Made Him Confess?

* Murder In Small Doses

* Killers Released To Kill Again: From Army Hero To Double-Murderer

* MD Forum: “When We Hanged Five POWs”

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