Master Detective February 1999


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If you planned to commit the perfect murder it would help if you were a police officer able to mix with the detectives investigating the case and so be informed of any developments. Forewarned about possible lines of inquiry and furnished with the names of witnessess, you could then approach those people to feed them false scenarios…

That’s how Police Constable Michael Coulton must have coolly estimated his chances as he planned the murder of his wife Patricia. On the surface there was little about him to attract suspicion. He seemed impeccable, a member of the elite Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Group more likely to be on duty at Buckingham Palace guarding the Queen than plotting murder.

Would you marry The Night Stalker? Southern California – the home of Mickey Mouse, Marilyn Monroe, Ronald Reagan, rock ‘n’ roll – and Richard Ramirez!. The devil’s disciple gets married on Death Row.

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