Master Detective April 2020

Master Detective April 2020


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Many people in the UK would happily see convicted killers locked up for life, while others would prefer to see a return to the days of capital punishment. Most killers today, however, serve a minimum sentence and, with the green light of the parole board, are slowly released back into the community. Most of them, it seems, have learned their lesson and do not commit the ultimate crime again. However, some do and it is these men we focus on in a new series, “Killers Released – To Kill Again”. Part one is in this issue.

Draconian laws in Alabama, USA, consigned small-time crook Alvin Kennard to a life sentence – until a judge helped to turn round his fortunes. See “Life Without Parole – For Stealing $50” in this issue.

Finally, how would it feel to execute a friend? Hangman Albert Pierrepoint had to do just that. Read “When Pierrepoint Hanged His Pal”.

Highlights this issue include:

* Murder By Pitchfork On The Pig Farm

* European Crime Report

* New Series: Killers Released – To Kill Again, Part One:

* Life Without Parole – For Stealing $50

* MD Forum: Sydney’s Curious Shark Arm Case

* Dublin Couple’s Happy Marriage Ended In Murder

* Irene And The Sex Letters

* Mary Poisoned Her Sister – By Post

* Wife-Killer Took Daughters To Church Before Choking Them To Death

* The Hangings Of Albert Pierrepoint – Part 11: When Pierrepoint Hanged His Pal

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