Fifty-year-old Bart and 53-year-old Krista Halderson had been missing for a week.

On July 8th, officials in Cottage Grove, a rural area near the Haldersons’ home, found Bart’s dismembered remains. The Dane County medical examiner listed the cause of death as “homicidal violence including firearm injury.”

There was no sign of Krista.

Their son Chandler was immediately arrested on a charge of providing false information to investigators. Three days later, police added three felony charges – first-degree intentional homicide, hiding and mutilating a corpse, and providing false information on a kidnapping.

Finally, on July 14th, investigators found what they’d been expecting. “A portion of an unidentified human,” that DNA testing would later identify as belonging to Krista, was discovered along the Wisconsin River near Saux City.

The parts were Krista’s legs…