True Detective Winter Special 2010

True Detective Winter Special 2010


This collection of cases brings you a concentrated dose of the best stroies from across the world. On sale from September 30th, 2010

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This collection of cases from the pages of True Detective, Master Detective, True Crime and Murder Most Foul brings you a concentrated dose of the best stories from across the world, reporting many aspects of crime. It all adds up to a fascinating cocktail of true crime. Read, enjoy…and let us know what you think.

DEATH TRAIL OF THE HOLLOWAY STRANGLER The horrific crimes of a serial sex attacker
HONEYMOON HORROR…WHY ASHLEY DRESSED TO KILL Within days of getting married, a young bride was preparing to commit murder…
“THE BEAST’S” TRAIL OF RAPE AND MURDER In Hammersmith a father confronts an intruder who killed his daughter
“LET’S DO IT LIKE TV” The Sopranos Copycat Killings Part 1
LENNIE WAS CUT UP AND FED TO THE PIGS A macabre case from Bradford, West Yorkshire
REJECTED ROMEO’S REVENGE From the 1940s, a hatchet attack on two couples in Washington
STOCKPORT’S REGGIE PERRIN MURDERS AND THE DIARY OF DEATH A driving instructor fakes his own death by drowning
KAREN FOX’S OWN STORY An estranged husband does the unthinkable…
MURDER AT GOLDIE’S BROTHEL? The case of a missing man was finally solved after years of baffling detectives in Kansas
“IT WON’T BE LONG BEFORE THEY’VE GOT ME” The killer of a schoolgirl in Nuneaton joked after a DNA test
THE OLDEST KILLER IN TOWN An 82-year-old man shot his wife as she spoke to an emergency services operator in Las Vegas
NO ESCAPE FOR SHEFFIELD WIDOW She moved to the Costa del Sol to escape her past – but bad luck followed her to Spain
MASS MURDER WITH A SMILE A serial killer smiled as he sat with the ashes of one of his victims in front of him
MANIAC WANTED TO BE FREDDY KRUEGER FOR A DAY A terrifying spree of violence
TROUBLED LIFE – TRAGIC DEATHS The innocents caught up in Canada’s worst mass murder
MIDNIGHT MURDER IN FENCHURCH STREET The story of a pantomime boy, a bankrupt London businessman and a former high sheriff of Dublin
MODEL’S COCAINE HABIT ENDS IN MURDER A romantic birthday weekend ended in tragedy
BABY TAKEN FROM PREGNANT MOTHER The shocking plot of a woman who would stop at nothing to have a baby

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