True Detective Winter Special 1989-1990


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This year’s bumper Winter Special is crammed with the sensational, the said, the horrifying and the tragic. Compare today’s horror headlines of underage children committing violent crimes with our 1920’s story from Abertillery. Wonder at a farm woman’s bizarre obsession with her one flitzy dress in our lady killer special report and shudder at Yorkshire’s Orgy Of Blood.

Off With Their Heads is an article about that most gruesome method of execution – beheading – which is sure to make you cringe. It still goes on today in many parts of the world, perfectly legally, so it is not entirely a lesson in history. For those of you who like a littl ehistory. England’s Last Public Execution tells the story of Michael Barrett, who caused the deaths of 12 innocent people, women and children included. Because of him 60 people were buried alive and 120 were maimed, limbs torn off and scattered. Barrett died a martyr on the gallows outside Newgate Prison. The last time the public would be allowed to spectate at a hanging in this country.

The best stories about the worst people had been carefully compiled to give you the greatest read all winter!

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