True Detective Summer Special 2005

True Detective Summer Special 2005


The Black Panther – full story of kidnap and murder. What turned a loving wife into an axe killer? When Wigan was a town in terror.

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The full story of the Black Panther. He was already a multiple killer. But it wasn’t until he kidnapped Lesley Whittle and demanded £50,000 ransom that he became the subject of a national manhunt – one that would hold Britain spellbound for 11 months.

Nancy Seaman had an explanation for the killing, saying she bought the axe and tools to tidy up the overgrown garden, after complaints by neighbours. A row broke out with Robert, and she had to defend herself. It was a simple as that. But would a jury believe her?

When Wigan was a town in terror…Children, the victims of a prowling killer.

Love you to death. The plot to kill a husband. Stephen Tepatti is a lucky man. Despite his wife’s best efforts, he is still breathing. Stephen was stabbed, poisoned and shot at, but he has survived. And Stephen maintains that he wants his wife to play a part in their son’s life…

The Irish murderer who nearly won Wimbledon. Sir Vere Goold.

Deadly secret of Derlwyn Farm. Who murdered John and Phoebe Harries?

Murder on the Brighton line. Workmen relining the Merstham tunnel 100 years ago found a mutilated corpse. It soon became clear that she had been deliberately thrown from a speeding train.

The murder club. "New members wanted to do some assassinating," the announcement said. The first member’s instructions, delivered in a sealed package, ordered him to kill the wife of the club president.

"Jerry has shot us all…we’re dying." Jerry Miller shot and killed his brother-in-law and baby; he also shot his two nephews and his sister…

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