True Detective Summer Special 2003


"No daddy! No" Wife hears the sound of revenge "Mindy killed her father…but it wasn’t murder" The oldest killer in town. The opera singer’s fatal finale

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"No, no, daddy! no, daddy please don’t." Wife hears the sound of revenge. John Battaglia killled his two little girls after taking them to their favourite ice cream parlour.

Shocker from Scotland: "I’ll show you where I put the wife’s head."

The oldest killer in town Fred Huston. "I’ve done nothing but love you" Eldona said shortly before she was shot.

The opera singer’s fatal finale. This melodramatic case proved there is no more difficult murder to solve than one in which everyone is above suspicion!

Food for sharks? What happened to Eileen and Tom? Their whereabouts are as perplexing today as it was five years ago when they vanished: This much is known: they were left behind by their dive boat, 38 miles from the nearest land, in the middle of shark-infested water…

Murder at the Bridgend Hotel. Emlyn Jones tackled a burglar in his bedroom in the middle of the night.

"Mindy killed her father…but it wasn’t murder" One side of the family thought she was a calculating killer, the other thought her abusive father had driven her to kill.

"For the bairns’ sake forgive and forget". But George Gascoigne would not forgive and forget – his wife had gone too far.

Fantasy of death. Thirteen murders in eleven minutes. Something changed Howard Unruh from an ordinary small town bloke into a demented murder machine, one of the worst spree killers of all time.

The killer with two faces. Steve Kovalcik was charged with the murder of Walter Kangas on May 12th, 1938…

Four graves for Patricia Ann Cook…

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