True Detective Summer Special 1999

True Detective Summer Special 1999


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15 Classic Murder Cases Britain’s village of death Bloodbath at the nook What Nellie gave her landlord Whitchapel’s Tom Thumb killer The Ruth Ellis tragedy

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Britain’s Village Of Death
Pretty Denham, nestling in the Thames Valley, looks list the last place on earth where you would find trouble. But is it? We count 10 murders that have happened there

Confessions To A Dead Wife
Dale Gaudet in Lockport, Louisiana. Was Donna hearing right? Did he say he was sorry for what he had done…then tell Connie how good she’d been in bed that night…

What Nellie Gave Her Landlord
Roland Duck’s wild fling with his teenage lodger ended in a nightmare. After that, all he could think of was how to get his revenge

Bitter Easter
The Ruth Ellis tragedy

Bloodbath At The Nook
"Are you sinners?" the farmer asked the Cornish village women. And when they said that perhaps in all honesty they might be, he butchered them

Whitechapel’s Tom Thumb Killer

Dunstable’s Astonishing Story Of The Trail Of Paint
Daredevil Jack Day was supposed to have said, "I’ll shoot anyone I catch with my wife." One evening when he came home and saw his friend in the living-room he did not hesitate…

Killer Used The Train To Behead Live Victim
The gang-leader wanted the teenage girl dead – and he wanted it to look like an accident. Painstakingly, he dragged her down to the railway line

The Red Kiss Of Death
She was seductive, bosomy, strawberry-haired, and the last embrace she gave him was as emotional as all their love-making in the past. This time, though, he didn’t feel a thing – because a corpse can’t kiss back

Execution – Kent Style
Boy, 14, hanged for murder

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