True Detective Summer Special 1995

True Detective Summer Special 1995


A famous detective tells his story of the Stepney murder.

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A famous detective tells his story of the Stepney murder. The cruel killers choked the old lady half to death, tied her hands behind her back with twine, and left her to die.
Emily Farmer was murdered in Commerical Street. The area where Constable Cornish was drafted in 1895.

From Tennessee – what do you do to unburden yourself of a feckless, financially irresponsible husband? Take a tip from Mary South, who explained, "Sawing him up was the hard part".

Death Row interview with Rhonda Belle Martin…Then she went to the chair!
One by one plain, middle-aged Rhonda Belle poisoned to death six people and paralysed a seventh. Then just eight days before she went to her death in Alabama’s electric chair she granted a reporter an intereview. Here, uncut, is that interview, Rhonda’s last wordly statement…

The curse of the werewolf! Was it supernatural? The unearthly howling which accompanied attacks on lovely young women made it seem so. But the cops were disinclined to be supersitious.

The lie that lived for 22 years. Jesse Lucas spent 22 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.

The diabolical murder of innocent Irene Munro. Eastbourne beach horror.

Did Charlie Tucker murder Mabel? A petition signed by 115,555 people was submitted to the Governor of Massachusetts to have Tucker’s sentence commuted to life imprisonment. President Theodore Roosevelt was asked to intervene. Here is the thrilling inside story of one of the most famous criminal cases in the history of the United States – told by the officer who was in charge of the investigation, Weston’s former Chief of Police, Patrick J. McAuliffe.

Arizona shocker. 14-year-old killed to please her lover. She pined for her lover, but clung on to her murderous secret. Police found a 9-mm handgun at her home, which firearms experts matched to the bullets fired into Alice Cameron’s back.

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