True Detective September 2009


What does it take to make a man a murder suspect? A facial twitch can be enough,

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What does it take to make a man a murder suspect? A facial twitch can be enough, as an Irish case demonstrated nearly 50 years ago. The whole sorry saga began late on March 28th, 1961, when Elizabeth Gould went to see her cousin Maisie Cremin in the village of Ballyphehane on the outskirts of the city of Cork. A brutal murder was committed, public opinion was running high and the police were under pressure…it seemed to be All A Question Of Timing.

Ninety years before the Yorkshire village of Orgreave became famous as the scene of some of the worst violence in the 1984 miners’ strike, another Orgreave made headlines for a very different reason. For the Staffordshire village of that name played centre stage to a ruthless double-murder and it is this shocking case that forms this month’s Murder In The Village.

After three years apart, Ireland’s notorious Scissor Sisters have been reunited with their mum. As the gates of Dublin’s Mountjoy Prison clanged shut behind her, Kathleen Mulhall at least had the consolation of being reunited with her two killer daughters. Now all three Mulhalls are behind bars, serving time for their involvement in the horrific murder and dismemberment of Kathleen’s boyfriend.

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