True Detective September 1995


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Vengeance must be sweet indeed for a man to gamble away his life for it. You will find a case of a man who shot and killed his baby, wife and mother-in-law because the court had ordered him to pay 10 shillings a week maintenance for his family. Anyway, it was why Samuel Walton shared his last seconds of life with a man who had raped and murdered an 11-year-old girl – the case which appeared in last month’s issue.

Teenage friendships are usually very precious – but when a group of such friends act like pack animals and become killers, as four 14-year-olds did in our final story of the issue, it can only make one wonder what fantasies fuel the minds of adolescents nowadays. Gang leaders who can twist the minds of their followers are nothing new – and neither for that matter are 14-year-old murderers. But it appears to happen more and more in modern times – what can the world be coming to?

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