True Detective October 2022

True Detective October 2022


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Where was Victor Farrant? That was the question for investigators in February 1996 following the brutal murder of his former girlfriend Glenda Hoskins, a mother of three children, at her home in Port Solent, Portsmouth. Why were police so sure that Farrant was the killer? Messages on her answerphone said it all. “A woman will die in Portsmouth today,” said one. Another said: “A woman has been murdered today.” Mrs. Hoskins’s car had been stolen and a senior detective told the media: “Mr. Farrant is a ferocious and dangerous man who must be found.” What followed was the biggest manhunt undertaken by police since the escape of Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs. Find out more in “Crimes That Made The Headlines – The Making Of A Monster” in this issue.

For years truck driver Adam Lane traded gossip and jokes with the manageress of a restaurant in North Carolina, one of his regular stops. Little did she know she was making small talk with a highly dangerous man with inner homicidal cravings. Read “America’s Most Evil – The Truck-Stop Slayer’s Reign Of Terror” for the story of his heinous East Coast rampage.

Mrs. Sharon Brown was a popular pillar of the community in her Florida home town. Doing good and helping others came naturally to the kindly mother and grandmother. But the trouble was, Sharon’s life was built on a lie – in fact she was a fugitive from justice, having escaped from prison 35 years earlier and changed her name. All who knew her were in for the shock of their lives – see “Why Paula Spent 35 Years On The Run”.

Highlights this issue include:

* Killer’s Life In The House Of Rotting Corpses

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: The Making Of A Monster

* America’s Most Evil: The Truck-Stop Slayer’s Reign Of Terror

* Last Woman Sentenced To Death In Ireland

* Hanged In Australia: Would They Hang The Perth Cop-Killer?

* Hanged In Wales: Horrific Hanging In Cardiff Prison

* Ruby’s Novel Way Of Killing

* Why Paula Spent 35 Years On The Run

* Execution USA

* Questions & Answers: Southsea Victim Murdered With Bathroom Washbasin

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