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In February 1988 former British Rail carpenter John Duffy was convicted of two murders and five rapes, for which he received 7 life sentences. “You are obviously little more than a predatory criminal,” the judge told him when recommending that he should serve at least 30 years. During the intervening time detectives have been questioning him about a string of unsolved murders and sex attacks. Now, 11 years on, Duffy, the little man whith cold, staring eyes, has stood in the Old Bailey dock again to admit nine more rapes, six conspiracies to rape and two burglaries with intent to rape…our update on this London killer, who is now believed to have been convicted of more rapes than any other Briton.

What do you do when an executioner bursts into tears on the scaffold and faints at the sight of the block? You sack him, right? Wrong. “Gentleman” hangman John Thrift wasn’t dismissed. The powers that be put up with his little ways and he carried on hanging! Of course the question would not arise today because we don’t have capital punishment, but The Hangman Of England brings to life the days when we did. Thrift, Turlis, Dennis, Brunskill: part two of our compelling series.

In a last-ditch bid to avoid Florida’s electric chair triple-killer Allen “Tiny” Davis claimed that his fatty tissue would resist the chair’s voltage and he would suffer a “prolonged and painful death” in violation of the American Constitution. He tipped the scales at 25 stone and his lawyers said he was so flabby that the 2,300 volt current would not kill him with the minimum pain. And since he took nearly five minutes to die it seemed that he was right. Read Tiny Davis’s bid to avoid electrocution and read the full account of the murders that saw him sent to Death Row in the first place.

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