True Detective November 2019

True Detective November 2019


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Scarlett Keeling was the Devon teenager enjoying a dream holiday in India whose life was cruelly ended on a Goa beach in February 2008. Now, finally, the slow wheels of justice have turned – and a long-term suspect has been convicted of killing her

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Scarlett Keeling’s death in India in February 2008 devastated her family and shocked Britain. The lively, fun-loving 15-year-old teenager from Devon had been on a seemingly idyllic holiday when her body was found on a Goa beach. Her family believed she had been raped and murdered – but investigators initially announced she had been drowned accidentally. For Scarlett’s mother, Fiona MacKeown, and many others, something just didn’t add up. For the next decade, Scarlett’s killer walked free. Now, finally, there has been a conviction, giving a measure of satisfaction to the youngster’s heartbroken relatives.

Crimes That Made The Headlines – Arthur And The Lethal Love Potion, tells the extraordinary story of a London office manager whose amorous intentions proved deadly. Two of his female colleagues would die as a result of eating sweets he had poisoned with the drug cantharidin. And yet the office lothario, Arthur Ford, would never stand trial for murder. Readers, let us know whether you agree with the prosecution’s case – and the culprit’s sentence. We’d love to hear your views.

When you’ve been sentenced to death, who should you turn to? For George Collier, convicted of the brutal 1957 murder of Santa Claus look-alike Edgar Adams, the answer was simple – the local MP. What happened when Victor Collins, the representative for Shoreditch and Finsbury, got on the case? Check out, “I Am Due To Hang On Tuesday Week” for the full story.

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