True Detective May 1994


Sexual perversion and murder…Why deviant sex has become a killer! The Camberwell killings. Family murdered, but up and buried.

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When the bizarre circumstances of Stephen Milligan’s death recently made headlines the press went wild, as if nothing like it had ever happened before. As usual, only True Detective readers know the truth behind the old saying "There’s nothing new under the sun." Our first story this month is only one of many which prove it. It just goes to show that any appetite taken to extremes can be lethal.

Sex is a theme that runs through many of our contributions this month. Robert Keep’s story might not strictly qualify, but that is a matter for debate. There are few grown men who could set out to lure a little girl away and reasonably claim to have killed her for any other motive…

Organised vice rings are not modern inventions either – they probably existed much longer ago than the 80-year-old case which the investigating officer, E.B. Walston describes in his story.

And ‘Death Sentence For Patty’s Killer’, written by Michael Sasser, deals with the abduction by two brothers of a young woman who was raped and murdered by one – while the other watched and wept…

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