True Detective May 1991

True Detective May 1991


Sex slave hired a hit-man to kill kinky lover


Our readers, especially long standing ones, will probably never be completely taken aback by what their fellow human beings do. A diversity of motives for murder, from the most trivial (and these must be the worst) to the almost justifiable, always fill our pages.

Yet here is the test: What would you do if a haggard looking woman, a stranger to you, arrived on your doorstep, complete with a small child or children and suitcases, asking for sanctuary from a husband who frequently beat her up? There is something in almost every culture that teaches women that they cannot simply dump themsleves on strangers, even when their lives are in danger, despite the fact that the public is well aware of the vast numbers of women who are injured, maimed and killed by violent husbands or lovers. So the likelihood of such a victim turning up at your door seeking refuge is remote. ‘Sunderland’s Incredible Murder’ inspires this point, especially in the light of the judge’s perfectly reasonable sounding comments prior to sentencing.

A need for attention and repsect is as strong as the need for food – probably stronger – yet because it is an intangible requirement it is so often overlooked. The unhappy villain in our story ‘Sentence Me To Death’ had given up tring. An habitual criminal who unerringly made all the wrong moves in life, he could only be satisfied with the prospect of execution at the expense of the state. He now exists in a tiny cell, lit day and night, on Death Row.

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